Carol Matasci

PositionYoga Teacher
  • Carol offers a holistic style of yoga, grounded in breath, feeling the body and encouraging mindfulness. Each class incorporates a balance of strength and flexibility, attention given to the whole body and with a theme threaded throughout.

    Compassion, gentle humour and empathy are woven into her approach, giving permission to experience whatever there is in the moment. Sharing Yoga with others fills Carol with joy and gratitude.

    Carol started Yoga in 2009 – finding it the one form of exercise she didn’t have to force herself to do.

    She says “It remains important to me not to force anything with the body; Yoga has been the gateway into a deep diving of befriending myself and discovering my true nature. Yoga guides me into balance between logic and intuition, my head and my heart. It has taught me how to move through life with more grace and acceptance. I am passionate about how Yoga can transform your inner wellbeing and physical health”