Reiki is a non invasive, healing touch (and non-touch) technique for stress reduction and relaxation that supports the body’s natural healing functions.
The system of Reiki is a supportive therapy that doesn’t interfere with any other therapy. It supports the body and the mind to relax and release stored tension that stress and pain can create.
Some of the many benefits of Reiki Treatments include:
Deep relaxation
reduction in stress and anxiety
alleviating the symptoms of insomnia and tiredness
improving energy and vitality
supporting conventional medical treatments
strengthening the immune system
nurturing and uplifting the mind, body and spirit
mental clarity
palliative care support
Reiki treatments are now being utilised worldwide in oncology units as a supportive therapy.
The Reiki system of healing touch isn’t a replacement for traditional medical treatment but can be used in conjunction with standard medical treatment for any chronic or acute illness. Reiki is a form of energy healing that can be used for yourself or others. It helps you to harmonise the “ki” (energy) in your body and in your environment.
What happens in a treatment?
The practitioner creates a meditative healing space for you to gently rest in. Lying on a massage table, fully clothed, the soft laying of hands on and off your body leaves a warmth that helps the body to release tension and relax.
As the body relaxes the mind also lets go. Many people fall asleep, or go into a beautiful meditative space. From this deep relaxation the mind and body have the opportunity to restore, revitalise and balance.