Clinical nutrition

At Therapy Works, we rely on an in depth understanding of biochemistry and the most up to date research, to prescribe a range of clinically proven and validated nutritional supplements. Using standard formulas as a base, our extensive experience enables us to complement this with specific, finely honed supplements for particular conditions.

For people experiencing on-going health issues we look to well documented bio-chemical nutrients that support the body’s system in its quest to return to health.

Natalie Dalton’s bio-medical background, together with her extensive experience with severe illness, sports injuries and chronic conditions enables her to carefully assess and recommend the supplements that will specifically support the individual’s unique system and its requirements.

Natalie is well recognised for her strong diagnostic ability which is underpinned by four factors:

  1. Her biomedical understanding
  2. Her rigorous approach to the scientific validity of the nutritional formula
  3. Her diverse experience with thousands of clients
  4. Her extensive and on-going training to truly understand the body and its systems, patterns and imbalances