Vicki Huston

Reiki practitioner and teacher

  • Vicki Huston Reiki Newport

  • Vicki Huston is a gentle and grounded Reiki practitioner and teacher working to support her clients to experience deep calm in their bodies and their lives. Vicki’s philosophy is that the calm and happiness we seek is not something that we need to cultivate, but instead resides within us and if we can, however briefly, quiet the noise of our busy lives and minds we can experience our true nature.

    Clients come to Vicki when they are feeling overwhelmed, over-tired or just generally ‘over it’ – clients who are looking to:

    • Reduce the stress of overwork
    • Replenish their reserves for the work they do caring for others
    • Nourish their bodies when they are feeling depleted
    • Complement their massage and bodywork treatments
    • Support themselves through the recovery process after surgery or long illness
    • Manage chronic and acute physical pain
    • Manage the side effects of the chemo

    After their sessions with Vicki, her clients leave her clinic room feeling:

    • Balanced and energised to engage in their lives
    • Empowered in their journey to regain health
    • Deeply calm and profoundly relaxed
    • A sense of clarity about the choices and actions they need to take
    • Less reactive to the stresses of daily life
    • Relieved of pain, anxiety and tension

    Vicki is a Senior Reiki Teacher and Practitioner with extensive training and advanced  understanding of both Western and traditional Japanese styles of Reiki. The teachings of Reiki on which Vicki’s work is based harness the healing capacities of the Japanese Five Elements to generate a deep, grounded experience of self-acceptance that infuses our daily lives with grace and peace.

    As well as one-on-one treatments in Reiki and guided meditation Vicki offers courses and meditation classes to assist her clients to reconnect with their own inner light.