Melissa Turnock

  • Mel Turnock

    Melissa Turnock

    • Yoga Teacher
    • Pilates Instructor
    • Facilitator of TRE (Tension Release Exercise)

  • Pilates

    I am a fully certified Pilates Instructor, holding a Level 3 Professional Practitioner membership with the Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA). I have been teaching Pilates since 2003 and am particularly interested in the application of Pilates for rehabilitation, educating you about your own muscular imbalances and assisting smooth and pain free movement following joint or muscle problems.

    I started Pilates classes in 1998 to seek help for my 10 years of scoliosis related back pain. I fell in love with the method after connecting with Pilates as a way of life that could keep me pain free, reducing the need for Physio and other therapies.

    In 2003 I completed my in house Pilates training with Level Four APMA accredited educator Larissa Kelloway of Spring Pilates, a North Sydney studio I co-owned. I simultaneously completed my Graduate Certificate Pilates training at the University of Technology, Sydney and in 2006 I completed the Certificate IV in Pilates Method through Pilates International, Sydney. I teach professional development workshops for the APMA educating new Instructors and I have been a past Education Officer for the Association. I have first hand experience of the application of Pilates in preparing for, and following surgery, as a component of my 2010 treatment for breast cancer.


    Yoga has been in my life for over 20 years and I completed the 350 hour (Yoga Australia Level 1) teacher training through A Fine Balance in Mona Vale in 2013. Local teachers Fabio Fabbri and Yolande Hyde inspired me to consoldiate my personal yoga and mediation experience in the teacher training program and I have since started teaching classes locally in Newport. I teach a Yoga Class specifically for men at Therapy Works believing there is a real need to offer a meditative and gentle practice of movement and breath awareness to counteract lack of flexibility and high levels of stress,


    I have been practising meditation regularly since 1996 and through my own experience I am able to offer techniques to help you prepare for meditation, simple meditation practices and mindfulness tips.


    I completed Reiki 1 in 2016. Reiki is a hands off energetic healing modality that can offer you support for your physical and mental health.


    TRE stands for tension release exercises, a way to stimulate the bodies own naturally occurring tremor or shaking mechanism to gently unlock bodily tension patterns.

    While this shaking is the body’s innate response to being traumatised or overexcited, it is often suppressed, leaving the body held in a chronically stressed and tense state. Our everyday life’s unresolved mini traumas and stresses, whether physical, emotional or psychological in origin build up and result in tension and holding and eventually perhaps pain and health conditions.

    The tremors are the central nervous system’s innate way of discharging excessive tension through waves of muscle contraction and relaxation. The sessions are guided and supervised and are in a small group format of up to 10 or if you prefer one to one sessions are available. These classes are held Wednesday evenings starting with gentle yoga poses, moving to specific postures held to start the tremors – and include the all important relaxation/integration period after the class.