Soul Restoration Yoga & Yoga Nidra

Sequential gentle movement punctuated with longer held Hatha yoga postures, (often supported by props) to provide the balance integral to HA-THA yoga. Classes are themed to assist in balance and restoration – and use related breathing practices throughout resulting in a mindful and meditative practice. The class finishes with a long yoga nidra (a guided yogic sleep) in which practitioners aim to reach a state of deep relaxation, whilst retaining a level of conscious awareness.

Suitable for any level of yoga experience, including beginners, especially since modification can be achieved by the generous use of props. This balanced, gentle style of yoga can be a wonderful complement to the stronger practices on offer and to our frenetic and often stressful lives. Be prepared to float out of the door.

Bookings essential. Please book through with Jude from Resolve Yoga 0410610830 or by clicking below.

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