Meditation Class

Take a moment to connect with your breath…. relax and let go
Set your intent to begin your meditation practice
Bring awareness to your breath as we start with the Reiki Precept
“For today only, do not worry”
*Manage your stress* be calmer * happier * healthier *focussed* sleep* develop an understanding of being present*
Be Proactive rather than Reactive in daily life.
Regular meditation practice offers pathways to all of the above.
The classes are designed to provide you with a defined space and time to spend quiet time, time for you to be. To let go of the outside world and bring your focus inwards.
The benefits of meditation are drawn from developing a regular practice. These classes are aimed at helping to to create time and space to do this.
In these classes you will learn techniques
To assist in sitting quietly with awareness.
To refresh, restore and balance a restless mind
     Utilising contemplation, single point meditations, breath awareness, Ki (energy) cultivation and awareness
techniques, & Precepts, (a way of being)
Each class
Suits all levels, beginners welcome.
Begins with brief discussion of evening practice
Is semi guided
May involve both sitting, and standing
What is involved in a class?
Each class starts with a discussion of the practice, as you begin to settle into a comfortable position. You can sit on a chair, or meditation stool or on the floor, this is a personal preference. Laying down is not recommended as sleep usually follows quickly.
We begin the class by setting your intent, bringing your hands into gassho, (prayer position at heart centre.) All this time being aware of your natural breath.
The meditation practice has started, you listen to my voice as I guide you through the techniques. Each practice is divided into two sections, we work with a technique and afterwards just sit in the quiet the practice has created. We then move onto the next technique. Our focus with each technique is to discipline the mind to focus on one action at one time. Bringing the mind and the body into balance with each other.
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