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  • Yoga Teacher Training (350 hour) with Liz Bennett and Amelia Disspain

    Liz Bennett (Yoga Essentia) and Amelia Disspain (Yoga Bellingen) continue their Level 1 Yoga Australia accredited Yoga Teacher Training to Newport. A twelve month program commencing July 2019, including a two week Bali retreat, six months (held over 6 full weekends) of learning in an intentionally small, supportive group setting, plus six months of mentoring. […]

  • What is Homoeopathy?

    Julia Conroy explains….. “Homeopathy is a system of medicine which involves treating the individual. The aim is to trigger the body’s intrinsic system of healing. Based on unique symptoms, a homeopath will match the most appropriate medicine to each person. Homoeopathy is recognised by the ‘World Health Organisation’ (WHO) as the second largest therapeutic system […]

  • ‘Breast Cancer, Reiki & Meditation – my experience’

     Jane describes how Reiki and Meditation impact her life and supported her through cancer treatment ……. “A Reiki treatment is different for everyone, and each time you have a treatment the experience is different, so it’s a difficult thing to describe. I came to Reiki after I’d developed a meditation practice, but you don’t need […]