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  • Chemotherapy support initiative featured on SBS

    Natalie Dalton is an acupuncturist and doctor of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and is opening a program for cancer patients at operational costs.

    After losing six friends to cancer, Dr Dalton (TCM) wants to see more patients get access to proactive chemotherapy support to help them cope with their treatment and improve their quality of life both during and after chemo.

    “Cancer is expensive and best quality care shouldn’t be based on whether you can afford it,” she tells SBS.

    “What we’d like to do is support patients through their chemotherapy regime to help them track from one chemo treatment to the next without having to either drop out of their prescribed chemo treatment plan or to reduce the dosage of the medication prescribed by the oncologist.

    “We’re not treating cancer, we’re treating patients going through chemotherapy as acupuncture does offset the side effects of chemotherapy.”

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    Bianca Soldani - SBS.com.au